The DAME Primer

DAME - Database Access Made Easy

Dakshinamurthy Karra

Subex Systems Ltd.

                    No. 721, 7th Main, Mahalaxmi Layout



You teach best what you most need to learn

--Bach, Richard 

For all those who taught me by being my teachers and by being my students.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction To DAME
What Is DAME?
History Of DAME
Why Use DAME?
Limitations of DAME
Configuring And Installing DAME
Example Schema
2. Getting Started With DAME
A Simple Dame Program
Accessible Interfaces In CountDB
Creating A DatabaseIf Object
What is Iterator?
Putting It All Together
3. Selecting Information From Databases
Revisiting The GetEmployeeCount Example
Using DAME With C++ Classes
The DAME Source
Accessing the emp record
Under The Hood Of Code Generated By DAME
Selecting Multiple Records
Selecting Records Into Standard Containers
Selecting Records Into Associative Containers
Selecting Records In Chunks
4. Updating Database Tables
Example of DAME Source
5. Using Transactions
DatabaseIf Support For Transactions
Transaction Semantics For Oracle
Transaction Semantics For Postgresql
Suggested Use Of Transactions
A. Understanding DAME
DAME Syntax
The DAME Script File
Class Definitions
Function Definitions
The SQL Statement
B. DAME Database Interfaces
The DatabaseIf Interface
The RecordSetIf Interface
C. Extending DAME